On this page, you can read some of the reviews our clients have left in the past. We thrive on feedback from our clients , and encourage you to share your experience with us. If you have the time to leave us a review, please click on the Review us on Google button below. Thank you for taking the time to evaluate us!

  • "Baby Health and Wellness
    Before taking to my daughter to Dr. Elizabeth, my daughter would spit up most of her bottle out of her nose.Once Dr Elizabeth started to work with her she stopped spitting up most of her bottle.I noticed that she started to sleep better at night, she wasn't crying as much, and she would smile lot more.Thank you Dr. Elizabeth"
    Latoya T.
  • "Pain, Neuropathy
    When I first came to Vitality Wellness, I was shaky and in a lot of pain. My balance was off, my right hand wasn't always controllable, and my head was numb – it felt as if it were draining on the right side. My back would jerk, jump, and tingle like electricity was going through my body. My pain level was in the 10+ range.I was a bit leery because I've seen so many chiropractors in the past. But I truly believe God directed me here. It was really about totally trusting him and taking one step at a time.It’s hard for me to trust because I've been going through this for 30+ years. I just feel the doctors want to keep you on pills your whole life. I feel better since I've seen Dr. Elizabeth Weidlich. My body still jumps but not as bad as it used to. The ringing in my ear is still there, but it is finally getting under control. My overall pain is no longer constant. But I am glad Dr. Weidlich is helping me get through my life journey to a pain level of zero."
    Denise W.
  • "Arthritis and Low Back Pain
    I have been suffering from arthritis and back pain for the past 16 years. At its worst, I was limited in my ability to walk and my hands were stiff. I didn’t want to do everyday activities because it was too painful. I couldn’t even write checks without pain. Before seeing Dr. Elizabeth Weidlich I was being treated by an Orthopedist/MD and getting cortisol injections. The results were limited and only helped with short term relief. After Dr. Weidlich recommended I use the 1-TDC relieving cream and soft gels, my use of other pain medications decreased by 60% and my pain relief improved by 40%. For anyone dealing with problems like mine, you should treat the problems, not just the symptoms."
    MaryAnn O.
  • "Headaches, Sinusitis, Digestion, and Asthma
    I was in and out of a General Practitioner, EENT, and chiropractor's office at least 7 times last year within a 3 month period.I had been diagnosed with chronic sinusitis, but nothing the doctor's gave me made me any better. I was on at least 15 different prescriptions in a 3 month time period.... I had CT scans, numbing treatments and was on the verge of scheduling an emergency surgery...My father suggested I visit Dr Elizabeth. I scheduled my first visit and was able to get right in. I could tell that after the first treatment that this was what I needed.I had been dealing with tremendous sinus pressure and pain which was causing me to be nauseous and dizzy (almost on a daily basis).After the sinus treatment....,"
    Marissa S.
  • "Shoulder Injury
    A few years ago, I hurt my rotator cuff pretty bad. The pain was so bad I would have to place my hand in my pocket as my rotator cuff muscles were not able to support the weight of my arm. It felt like someone had a lighter under my shoulder.I went to a sports medicine doctor and surgery was one of the options laid out.I met with Dr Weidlich....After a consultation and a few visits, my shoulder felt better.I noticed my 'trap' muscles were more in line and my shoulder was noticeably better.I am really grateful for the genuine and sincere care Dr Weidlich provided me with."
    Gino S.
  • "Sciatica, Leg Pain, Back Pain
    When I came to Vitality Chiropractic Wellness Inc, I suffered from low back pain, leg pain, and sciatica due to improper form while doing dead lifts. The problem began in April of 2011 but had really been bothering me for the past 10 months.The severity of the pain was very bad. It limited my mobility to the point where it was difficult to walk. It caused me to be in a bad mood, and I wasn't able to pick up my son.Since seeing Dr. Elizabeth Weidlich, I got my enjoyment back. I also have my body back. The adjustments and treatments removed 98% of my pain and I’m finally mobile again. I’m able to do all the things I wasn't able to do before and I’m incredibly grateful.My advice to anyone suffering from similar conditions is to get immediate care."
    Damien W.
  • "Headaches
    I found out about Dr. Weidlich and Vitality Chiropractic when she came to my workplace to give a headache prevention seminar.I had been suffering from migraines for over 30 years and various medications have only been mildly effective. I was surprised to learn that chiropractic therapy has been shown to be “vital” in the prevention of migraines so I decided to try treatment.After a year the results have been amazing! No migraines and a vast reduction in tension headaches. This has led to a marked improvement in my overall well-being and work attendance.I can wholeheartedly recommend Vitality!"
    Robert O.
  • "Back Pain
    I was in a great deal of pain in the middle of my back. I could hardly sleep at night. I was taking medications, sleeping on the floor, and hoping it would go away.After my initial consultation, I began regular treatments and I could not believe how quickly I began to feel better.On a scale of 1-10, I went from not being able to sleep and a rating of 10, to sleeping normal and a pain rating of 3 after just a few visits.I would recommend Vitality Chiropractic to anyone in need of such services. The staff is great!"
    Larry S.

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