Neuropathy Treatment

Los Alamitos, CA

Neuropathy Treatment Los Alamitos, CA

Peripheral Neuropathy is a type of damage to your peripheral nervous system. There are over 100 different causes of neuropathy and unfortunately 30 million Americans suffer from some type of Peripheral Neuropathy.

60% is diabetic, 23 % is idiopathic (meaning it's cause is unknown) , 10% is chemotherapy induced, 2% are HIV/AIDS, and  5% are other causes (including immune system disorders, repetitive stress, alcohol abuse, vitamin deficiencies,  kidney or liver diseases, toxic substances including some medications)

Nearly 54,000 diabetics have amputations every year!

What is so shocking is that 75% of amputations are preventable!

(Source: Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy) 

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Dr Weidlich can help you with precise direction on what to do with a customized treatment plan if you’re a candidate for care. Dr Weidlich will be able to determine the correct equipment for you and how often and when to use it, what nutritional supplements to take, how much  to take and guide you with the best exercises to help you get the best results.


When it comes to peripheral neuropathy, people may not realize there are multiple causes. Due to this, store-bought treatments are not going to be nearly as effective and will only help to numb the symptoms. By providing patients with a customized treatment plan, we can help them achieve long-lasting relief.

Benefits of our Neuropathy Treatment

People who do not seek professional neuropathy treatment will find the pain hinders success, makes daily tasks difficult and will only get worse. At Vitality Wellness, we strive to help our patients get maximum results to get their health and vitality back.  With our treatment, we will find the source of the pain and customize the treatment accordingly.

If you need neuropathy treatment, then do not hesitate and call us to schedule an appointment today.

By identifying the signs of peripheral neuropathy early, patients can seek treatment before the pain worsens and causes lasting damage to the body. The symptoms of peripheral neuropathy can include:

  • Extreme sensitivity to touch
  • Numbness or tingling in the feet and hands
  • Numbness or tingling that spreads to the arms and legs
  • Sharp, throbbing or burning pain in the hands or feet
  • Muscle weakness or even paralysis

However, this condition can vary in symptoms if it affects different types of nerves in the body. For instance, affecting the autonomic nerves can result in digestive problems, changes in blood pressure, dizziness or altered sweating. By affecting the motor nerves, neuropathy can also limit movement and make simple actions difficult.

In many cases, neuropathy develops from multiple conditions such as medications, infections, diabetes, alcoholism, autoimmune disease, tumors and trauma to the nerves. Thus, we need to understand all the medical conditions of a patient when diagnosing and treating peripheral neuropathy.

The Treatment Process

The type of treatment we recommend will depend on the patient, their current condition and the type of symptoms the peripheral neuropathy displays. By gathering this information, we can customize the treatment to the patient’s needs. Possible tests for neuropathy include:

  • Neurological examination>
  • Blood tests
  • Imaging test
  • Autonomic reflex screen tests

It is important to note that each test may not be necessary for the patient. However, we may need to run a few of these tests to rule out any possible causes. Once we determine the cause and extent of the neuropathy, we will recommend treatment. Our goal is to help the patient find effective solutions to get their health and vitality back so they can have a better quality of life.

Continue the Treatment at Home

We may also recommend topical treatments that help relieve symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. To help ease the pain in the feet, especially if someone has diabetes, wearing cotton socks and padded shoes can relieve the pain. While it can seem simple, regular exercise will also help relieve the pain. Once the patient has the knowledge and tools necessary to continue the treatment at home, they will be able to continue maintaining the pain and preventing the condition from getting worse.

Along with that, we will help provide support to help the patient. While it can take some adjustment, the patient will eventually be able to live their life without peripheral neuropathy causing too many problems. If you or a loved one are struggling with peripheral neuropathy, then give us a call and schedule an appointment today. Take the first steps toward pain relief at Vitality Wellness.

Disclaimer Notice: This site is intended for general educational purposes only. For individual programs and custom treatment specifically for the individual (you), please contact us for a consultation, evaluation, custom tailored treatment plan and recommendations. 

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Kareen – Testimonial

Kareen – Testimonial

All thanks to Dr. Elizabeth Weidlich of Vitality Chiropractic & Wellness

My name is Kareen Kusel, I am 50 years old and I am excited to share my success story with you! I just can’t thank Dr. Elizabeth Weidlich enough for introducing me to her Neuropathy Program and I am pretty sure I do almost every time I see her! She is a wonderfully caring, gentle and encouraging doctor! This is my story and yet it is so hard for me to sum it up, in part because I am so emotional over it, but it is a remarkable one – laced with exclamation marks!

When I first came to see Dr. Elizabeth my whole spine was basically out of alignment, I had widespread pain – deep and chronic pain, also burning nerve pain in my arms, neck, legs and especially feet, along with stabbing pains in my thighs and spasticity in my legs, yet I also had numbness and weakness in my extremities, swelling in my legs and feet, and I was clumsy with balance problems. I was a real mess and had been for nearly 18 years. See, back in 2000 I was temporarily paralyzed from the navel down – my harsh introduction to Transverse Myelitis: a disorder caused by inflammation of the spinal cord, causing neurological dysfunction in motor and sensory tracts on both sides of the spinal cord. Over a few years I was progressed from wheelchair to walker to cane to eventually learning to walk on my own again, but only for short distances and not very gracefully! Still I was unable to stand on my painful and burning feet for too long. All of this left me dependent on pain and nerve pain meds just to try to be out of bed every day.

Then, in 2013, I had a very rare 2nd Transverse Myelitis attack, but on my cervical spine this time. This multiplied my pain and burning up and down my whole body. After each attack on my spinal cord my doctors gave me a window of 2 years for any healing I might experience, but I never bought into that and have searched and tried what I could, but only got so far. After so many years all my specialists said my nerves were beyond repair and told me I needed to accept my reality and treat my symptoms. You can see why when Dr. Elizabeth told me about her Neuropathy Program I was a bit skeptical, but the more she educated me I began to have a little hope, so I finally jumped in! It was a big investment of time and expense, but it has proved to be more than worth it and has been literally life changing!

To my estimation, I have had approximately a 75% improvement of my peripheral nerves! I noticed a difference right away as far as the treatments interrupting my constant burning and by 2 weeks in I knew the investment was going to pay off to some degree. Two months in it was more than I had even allowed myself to hope for! There was never any promise it would help my nerves that are rooted in my spinal cord, but just receiving so much healing of my peripheral nerves took a large portion of my total pain away and has given me so much of my life back! I am never in bed over pain anymore, which I was half the time, and I had been on Gabapentin 1,200mg – 3x’s day and am now completely off it and all pain meds! I see Dr. Elizabeth once a week right now to keep my spine loose from the pull of my spinal nerves, so my other pain is manageable. Currently I am in the maintenance phase of the Neuropathy Program and happy to say I am maintaining what I have gained through it. Not only that but it has given me my independence back!

My improvements and new-old firsts, after 18 years

  • Approximately 75% reduction of long standing peripheral nerve pain!
  • Improved balance and gait – complete surprise to me and people notice!
  • New feeling in my numb toes!
  • Pain nearly gone from my extremely painful big toes!
  • Better sleep without nerve pain – stabbing, burning or involuntary leg movements.
  • Back in the driver’s seat, even in stop and go freeway traffic in L.A.! I could only navigate city streets once I was able to drive again after some recovery from my first attack and paralysis. I no longer require a chauffeur or a shot gun rider!
  • Able to wear socks and closed toe shoes again!
  • Can walk and balance in moderate high heels again – so fun for a woman!
  • Able to balance on the back of a tandem bicycle and peddle up to 15-20 miles and still walk afterwards! Recently rode 3 weekends in a row, a little ambitious, but hey I was able! The last time out while riding my right foot slipped of the peddle when there was a gear change, but I was able to keep peddling up to pace with my left leg while getting my right foot back on – this is absolutely nothing short of incredible if you know about Transverse Myelitis! Here is why – when my reflexes are tested and the Dr. taps one knee it causes both of my legs to kick out at the same time because of the nerve damage across (transversely) levels of my spinal cord. So, you can see what a big deal it is that I was able to keep my one leg acting independently of the other in this scenario!
  • Solo flight – I have also been able to ride a bike for the first time by myself, with no assistance! It may have only been to the corner and back, but in the past when I have tried I have needed someone to run alongside and hold onto the seat to help be balance while I was trying to get my body and legs to cooperate with my mind!

My USC Doctors, family and friends are so impressed with my results! My family has even stopped running to help me up steps or spot me when I hop on a stool to reach something. Last month we took my wheelchair out of the trunk of my car and put it up in the garage rafters as I only need it now for times where a lot of distance walking is required. Perhaps I will never be able to run or go for a long hike with my family, but you can bet I will keep trying!

Now if I over do it by pushing my body to it’s limits, I have my Rebuilder and Anodyne Light Therapy machines here at home to ease it and take away any pain I may have caused myself. I feel empowered and able to keep testing my limits knowing I won’t have to suffer the consequences as before. I have a clearer head and more energy being off meds and taking layers of chronic pain off after 18 years. Everyone says I should be taking it easy and enjoying my new state of being, but I am too busy living again and taking back my life!

I hug Dr. Elizabeth all the time out of gratitude and as time goes on I have more exciting things to share with her as I continue to try new-old things again! I believe in this Neuropathy Program so much and am living proof it works! Anyone considering what Dr. Elizabeth offers, I highly encourage you undergo her neuropathy assessment to see if you too could benefit as I have. If so, then jump in and make the commitment of your time and expenses, both well worth it for the chance to live better and feel better!

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