Knee Pain Treatment


Benefits of Chiropractic Knee Pain Treatment

With chiropractic knee pain treatment at Vitality Wellness, we strive to provide long-term relief by looking at the big picture. We do not merely treat the symptoms for mild pain relief. We focus on treating the patient with a possible combination of medication, therapy and exercises the patient can continue at home to maintain pain relief.

If you are suffering from knee pain, do not try to wait it out with store-bought painkillers. Call us and schedule an appointment today.

While it can be easy to hope that only at-home remedies will be enough to treat knee pain, this is not always the case. Minor injuries may heal over time, but there is too high of a chance that people will damage the knee after. Part of the concern is that if the knee does not heal properly, the patient will continue to struggle with pain and may need more intensive treatment.

With our treatment, we can:

  • Examine the patient and determine the source of the pain
  • Provide customized treatment focused on a specific area
  • Guide patient through treatment process
  • Educate the patient on exercises and stretches to complete at home
  • Provide follow-up care when necessary

Since the type of knee pain and overall condition can vary, we will customize the treatment to the needs of the individual. Another reason people may need chiropractic knee pain treatment is to help the patient return to normal functionality after surgery. No matter the cause of the pain, our team can help relieve the pain.

Spot the Warning Signs Early

The most effective first step toward recovering from any injury is early treatment. While it is impossible to prevent every possible injury or accident, early treatment can help to decrease the risk of permanent damage. No matter how tempting it may be to attempt waiting the pain out, it is always more effective and healthier to seek professional medical treatment.

Signs that something is wrong with the knee and requires medical attention include:

  • Being unable to bear any weight on the leg due to pain in the knee
  • Noticeable swelling in the knee
  • Stiffness in the knee that makes movement painful and difficult
  • Pain in the knee after surgery that persists for several days
  • Inability to completely extend the knee
  • The knee is red and warm to the touch
  • Having a fever along with these other symptoms
  • Constant popping or crunching noises when moving the knee
  • Intense knees pain or soreness
  • Noticeable deformities in the leg of knee

By seeking treatment for these types of injuries, the patient will greatly increase the chance of avoiding serious injury or permanent damage to the knee.

Knee Pain Treatment

In many cases, our knee pain treatment will focus on relieving pain while giving patients the necessary knowledge to continue maintaining that relief at home. This can involve various exercises and stretches that help the patient cope with the pain and prevent the symptoms from flaring up. With physical therapy, we can help the patient:

  • Strengthen the muscles around the knee
  • Build up stability in the knee
  • Correct movement patterns to establish better movement during sports
  • Improve flexibility and balance
  • Find proper arch support to shift pressure away from the feet
  • Find specific braces for support to help the knee

Since there are a large variety of possible causes for knee pain, there is no one-size-fits-all treatment. The effectiveness of the treatment will depend on the patient’s condition and willingness to keep up the physical therapy at home. One of the main reasons many people find it difficult to recover from surgery is due to not continuing to build up strength in the knee.

The longer someone avoids exercising and using the knee, the harder it will be to properly recover and move normally. There is no reason to continue letting knee pain take control of your life. We can provide treatment and follow-up care if necessary.

If you or a loved one are in need of knee pain treatment, then call our team at Vitality Wellness and schedule an appointment with us today.

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