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What Patients Are Saying

"I would recommend Vitality Chiropractic to anyone in need of such services. The staff is great!"

"I have experienced issues with digestion and asthma. During my visits....I was recommended to take certain vitamins / supplements specific to my needs. What an amazing difference!...My health is the best it has been in 10 years! Thank you Dr Elizabeth"

"No migraines and a vast reduction in tension headaches. This has led to a marked improvement in my overall well-being and work attendance. I can wholeheartedly recommend Vitality!"

Welcome toVitality Wellness

As a Wellness Clinic, the Vitality Team takes a holistic approach that relieves symptoms, modifies contributing factors, and enhances the patient’s quality of life to optimize future well-being. We strive to give patients their life back. At Vitality Wellness we focus on the source of the problem, and the body as a whole system, rather than treating the symptoms alone. What we Offer

• Our Best Patient Care
• Patient Education about their condition
• An understanding of the body systems & their individual roles in support & function for a healthy body
• Treatment directed at the root cause of a condition, not just the symptoms
• A whole-body wellness approach

Blueprint Healthcare Doctor
Vitality Wellness is a proud member of the Blueprint Healthcare Network (BHN). The BHN is a network of doctors with similar values that work together & support one another in the focus of the root cause of chronic health conditions, with the intention of changing our communities one life at a time. By using natural approaches, hundreds of doctors are helping thousands of patients in their communities with conditions like neuropathy, knee pain, weight loss, metabolic conditions, musculoskeletal conditions, and more. Blueprint Healthcare Doctors manifest Health, Wellness & Happiness through Innovation and Excellence.


Our Team

At Vitality Wellness we practice community values. Our team approach to healing provides our patients with all of the resources necessary to meet their health goals along with a full team of support. We are your coach and your cheerleader. We understand that the body can heal itself, with the proper diagnosis and particular treatment. While providing the proper resources, coaching and support we have had the privilege, time, and time again of observing patients take their life back. Our team takes the time to perform comprehensive examinations of your condition, as well as your overall health. Our treatment plans are individually created to best suite the needs of each individual patient. Take charge of your health, of your life.

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We employ the most cutting-edge advancements in technology & technique to provide patients with the best possible experience & results. Our fundamentals derived from ancient practices in holistic health, coupled with the best grasp of industry growth & technological enhancements give us the unique ability to provide patients with the best available treatment options while remaining natural and healthful. In other words, we take advantage of the best breakthrough medical technology, while respecting the body as a unique organism that has the ability to heal itself. We provide patients with a variety of services and resources to improve or restore their quality of life.

“The doctor of the future, will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” - Thomas Edison

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